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Appointments available in person, over the phone, or virtually.
Building a defense strategy for a domestic violence charge

Building a defense strategy for a domestic violence charge

On Behalf of | May 8, 2024 | Criminal Defense |

No relationship is perfect. Issues can arise and arguments could ensue. And when the situation elevates to a certain level, the police might intervene to help diffuse the matter. In the heat of the moment, emotions tend to get the best of us. The stories shared by each party may differ and could cast you in a bad light, resulting in your arrest and charge for domestic violence.

This is an overwhelming experience. Your relationship is crashing down, and at the same time you are facing criminal penalties and a tarnished reputation. You want to clear your name and avoid these charges, making it imperative that you explore your legal rights and defense options.

Domestic violence charge

A domestic violence charge can weigh heavy on you, and at The Lewin Law Firm, PLLC, we understand the complexities this charge could bring to your life. Our attorneys are sensitive to the vulnerable details of our clients’ matters while diligently working on a creative and strong defense.

It is vital to fully understand the charges against you, including how they impact you now as well as the potential penalties attached. These matters often involve restraining orders, making it imperative that you understand the terms of the order. A violation could result in penalties.

Defense options

When creating a defense strategy against a domestic violence charge, the first step is to address the restraining order, if one is in place. If a temporary protective order is issued, you can contest it. Removing the terms and constraints is beneficial for your defense and can prevent potential custody issues if children are involved.

Building a defense strategy considers various details of your matter. Did you act in self-defense? Was the alleged victim the aggressor? Is there photo evidence of any purported injuries? Is there any evidence of the photos being altered? Did an illegal search occur? And finally, it is important to consider whether the alleged victim wants to press charges. If the answer is no, it is possible to work with the prosecution to dismiss the charges.

A criminal record can impact you now and well into the future. Thus, it is important to generate a timely defense strategy. Whether you seek a dismissal of the charges, to prove your innocence in court or obtain an acquittal, it is vital that you understand your situation and your rights.