At this time, our office remains open.  We are taking appointments both in-person and virtually.

At this time, our office remains open. We are working remotely and have the ability to hold virtual meetings and sign documents via DocuSign.
Free Criminal Defense Consultations in West Palm Beach

Free Criminal Defense Consultations in West Palm Beach

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As I watch the news and hear the stories of my clients, I am saddened by the state of our criminal justice system. As a criminal defense attorney, I often hear stories from my clients about their treatment in police custody. I hear tales about how nobody listened to them. I hear they were routinely subjected to excessive use of force. I have had clients get scars from the bite of police dogs even when they were already on the ground surrendering. I have read internal affairs reports where police have threatened to make up false charges against somebody. People get discriminated against and harassed and wrongly jailed all the time.

All citizens of the United States enjoy certain rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. No government at any level can violate those rights. The Lewin Law Firm is committed to protecting those rights for the people. Going up against the government when you have been wronged is difficult and overwhelming on your own. The Lewin Law Firm has the passion and dedication to vindicate you.

  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Excessive use of force
  • Police brutality
  • Suffocation from excessive force
  • False arrest/wrongful imprisonment
  • Jail and prison injuries

No matter what type of government has harmed you, police or another government official, it is important you hire somebody dedicated to the Constitution and to your rights. The Lewin Law Firm will fight for the justice you deserve. Do you think you might have a civil rights, police abuse, or police misconduct claim? If so, please contact The Lewin Law Firm, and your matter will be reviewed for free.